Dream of Eating Bitter Kola

MEANING: Dream of eating bitter kola means that don’t think about all that now, put your mind at rest. It is important that you try to analyze what is happening with a relationship where you notice something strange. If you stop to reflect, you will find an explanation for each of the things that happen. You are overstepping your boundaries and prying into other people’s business. It is good that from time to time you set limits to work to enjoy life without more.

SOON: Dream of eating bitter kola indicates that everything is possible if you decide to live with clarity, without hypocrisy and in the truth. You do not like to look for enemies and for that you use the distance, and you do well. The realization itself requires sometimes small jumps of courage. You have been in a cloud for days, very happy, and that seems strange to you. You are not interested in commitment for now, you just want to live in the moment and smile.

FUTURE: Dream of eating bitter kola shows that phone calls will make you smile, they will be friendly. You may not make the right decision, but at least you will have tried. You will be attracted to everything that has to do with other cultures. You will be culturally and spiritually enriched if you follow the advice of your heart. You are going to take an important step related to a purchase, perhaps of a house.

ADVICE: You must have patience and continue to go forward by gathering willpower. Observe among your friends, acquaintances and neighbors.

WARNING: You must free yourself from certain ambitions that do you no good. If you do not want to offend anyone, bite your tongue more than once.

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oluwaseun awo

I was in a shrine, the chief-priest gave me three bitter-kola to pray upon and eat, and told me that he will help to throw extra two bitter-cola in a flowing river. I prayed i n the shrine with the bitter-kola in my hand and started chewing one from it after the prayers.


I was in this dream, not a nightmare type of dream but found myself with a bitter kola in hand, I ate a chunk of it (about half) without peeling it off and then gave the other half to a female sitting close to me, I’m not sure if she ate it or not. Please what does this signify?


I dreamt that I was in a festival and me and 3 friends where a inside room which they offer us 3 fresh peel bananas, 3 bitter kola and 3 pieces of other one which I have forgotten everyone chooses the banana and other fruits I was the only who choose bitter kola then I eat it


I dreamt that I went somewhere and one bitter cola was given to me but because I saw it plenty I asked for more and full nylon of bitter cola was handed to me. Please what’s the meaning?


I dream today that I saw full lynon of bitter cola in my hands and I have intension of eating it plus it’s fresh.. please tell me the meaning


U are very correct 💯

Chris Okechukwu

I dream when someone gave me kola nut and ate it all. Please what’s does that mean ?