Dream of Being Threatened

MEANING: Dream of being threatened means that don’t wait for others to do it for you. Try to focus and leave the domestic concerns at home. Let the morning go by without making too many comments about what is happening around you. Someone in your family is struggling financially, but is afraid to ask for help. Today will be an especially fruitful day in many ways.

SOON: Dream of being threatened signifies that if you have a partner, you are in for a surprise. Christmas has put your scale of values into question and you have decided to make a change. You are a born fighter and do not give up easily. You’ve charged up your batteries this vacation and are facing each new challenge with more optimism. In love there are still some details to be fixed.

FUTURE: Dream of being threatened suggests that you will have the opportunity to laugh and not take things seriously. Polishing a few things and playing the right keys can be a success. Many hours of work await you, but you will get a lot out of what you do. A visit to a museum or going to the movies will recharge your batteries. You will have more initiative to undertake new activities.

ADVICE: You have to give your best and not give up no matter what. If a colleague suggests otherwise, calmly clarify the situation without getting upset.

WARNING: Control yourself, count to ten, but don’t give opinions where you haven’t been asked. Listen to her, you don’t want to take reason above everything.

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