Dream of Being Stalked By A Lion

MEANING: Dream of being stalked by a lion shows that today you will be lavish and generous with your money and other belongings. Don’t spend today on superficial things no matter how tempting they may be. The path that you have chosen for yourself can easily be altered. You are ignoring your intellect and rational thinking. You are dissatisfied with your situation and are looking for a change.

SOON: Being stalked by a lion in dream indicates that during these days the focus is on your professional life and your position in society. He who loved you in the past, still remembers you. You are human, and in that sense everything you can learn about yourself is good. You dare to bravely break with everything that humiliated you or hindered your progress. It’s time to take risks and make decisions you’ve never made before.

FUTURE: Dream of being stalked by a lion symbolises that you will find the support of a person who never fails you. In addition, someone close to you might make a surprising confession. Your passionate spirit will be on the surface, you will not hide your emotions. You will enjoy new opportunities, new people, new landscapes and be in a good mood. One of your contacts will make you a proposal that, at first, will seem tempting.

More about Being Stalked By A Lion

Dream of lion expresses that various labor contingencies are coming up for which you will have to be prepared. That will make you very happy and will make you feel moments of fullness. There are circumstances that favor you and you must know how to take advantage of them. Technology can help you, don’t leave it aside and get the best out of it, it will benefit you. The day will end with a pleasant surprise that will cause you to laugh and some tears.

Dream of being stalked by a lion contains special messages

ADVICE: Let everything go by you and just observe what happens around you. Consider a getaway to a secluded spot, a monastery or a spa.

WARNING: Leave aside the purely emotional and apply the rational as much as possible. Don’t risk money on gambling, because you won’t get any profits.

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