Dream of Lion

MEANING: Dream of lion symbolises that dedicate the day to investigate who and why wants to harm you in love matters. You may feel unreceptive to her and want to be with your friends more than with her. You are ready to accept new challenges. You are feeling overwhelmed by the demands that others are putting on you. The accumulated work is taking its toll.

SOON: Dream of lion signifies that sentimental conflicts are solved and love becomes pleasant again. It’s time to share your happiness with others. There are different aspects in your life that can be improved. The question is whether you really want it, or prefer to stay in the current. You need to feel free to do whatever you want, without restrictions or limits.

FUTURE: Dream of lion signifies that relax, you will not lack anything of the necessary and the rest is only ostentation and frivolity. This way you can improve some relationships of this type. Your sincerity and nobility will bring you to the truth. You may have dozed off and spent little time on it. This way you can recover a good part of your energy and vitality.

ADVICE: You don’t have to worry about your partner doing something you don’t think is right. You must decide if it is worth the effort to build a relationship as you once dreamed it.

WARNING: Don’t complicate yourself with an issue that is more important to other people than to you. Be cautious, which doesn’t mean you have to be afraid.

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