Dream of Being Oppressed

MEANING: Dream of being oppressed symbolises that some facts that will happen today, which are not important, can make you a little nervous. You need to proceed cautiously and approach an issue with careful consideration. If you have recently started a relationship, you will see how it evolves little by little. Take it easy today and think that not everyone works at the same speed as you. Life will surprise you with an event you were somehow waiting for.

SOON: Dream of being oppressed means that if you are faced with a test or a job interview, you have nothing to fear. Perhaps it is time to learn to combine everything in a rational way. This is a matter that you talked about a month ago and that was not clarified. Sometimes you rush into the judgments you make and family decisions. Better to start a new reading than to stop reading because of lack of motivation.

FUTURE: Dream of being oppressed signifies that if you don’t have a partner, you won’t feel their absence either. You will renew your ideas and opinions if you give others the opportunity to present their ideas. At the same time, your vision of reality is altered. Everything will be easy and will go smoothly. Everything that will happen to you is good if you keep the right attitude.

ADVICE: Focus your goals carefully and try to establish a conversation with the one who is worthwhile. If a stone appears on the path, observe it, learn from it and then move on.

WARNING: Intellectual curiosity is positive, but don’t get carried away by palaver or false experts. Avoid expressing your deepest feelings with people you don’t trust.

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