Dream of Banknotes

MEANING: Dream of banknotes symbolises that your desire to expand your knowledge is strengthened. Perhaps, you are being too overly protective. A somewhat sour encounter with a co-worker will make your day not quite so pleasant. You will need to close some open fronts before starting new projects. Things are not always what they appear to be.

SOON: Dream of banknotes indicates that you play your cards right and apply your intelligence to reach your goals. Perhaps the answer lies within themselves. Sometimes it is better to have empathy to achieve better results. It’s not about lying, but about valuing what is most positive and showing it as your best weapon. The best thing is that you get distracted, don’t stay at home thinking about it.

FUTURE: Dream of banknotes means that you will talk to people who will teach you and change your culture. You could find a new way to increase your income through the internet. You will have fun now, without prejudice. You will enjoy his company and conversation and renew your spirit, your inner world. That will change after a few days as long as you give him freedom.

ADVICE: Follow that path that has been opened to you almost by chance. Try to set some limits on work so you can keep your spirits up.

WARNING: Stay away from anything that causes you stress or distress. Mentally count to ten if necessary, but do not argue with her no matter what.

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