Dream of Yoyo

MEANING: Dream of yoyo signifies that accept any invitation and let your more frivolous side prevail on this day. You or someone is looking for support, approval and acceptance. Half-measures will not be good advisors. Your most constructive attitude will play in your favor today in a professional discussion. Things will not go as planned, but you can flow with what happens.

SOON: Dream of yoyo suggests that it’s time to take an important step in your love relationship. True love needs time because it needs to be cared for. The labor situation obliges us to be dynamic and to be in constant renovation. The moment of force is always the present. It’s time to get serious or decide on that relationship.

FUTURE: Dream of yoyo expresses that even if you sometimes think you are too shy to move forward in a certain way, you can. You will have a good work environment and will be able to progress in something you like. Your verbal intelligence will be very fit. You may find some money you didn’t count on. If you set your mind to it, you will achieve your goal.

ADVICE: Take the opportunity to organize and eliminate many things from your life. Take this opportunity to conclude that matter you have pending.

WARNING: You should not hold a grudge for the time that has passed without contact. Play by the rules and don’t stand with anyone.

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