Dream of You Vs About You

MEANING: Dream of you vs about you signifies that you are letting the wind carry you wherever it may blow. You need to back off or retreat from a situation that you are currently facing in your life. Try not to spend too much time in solitude because it will not suit you. Try to take your work issues with more distance and a more flexible approach. You will realize that i was not exceptional and that we all have defects and virtues.

SOON: Dream of you vs about you means that the pace of the last few months has been great and you need to stop and rest. Love for yourself requires defending what you know is rightfully yours. The demands of the job, your profession or your career are many and there is much to do and fulfill. Sometimes you think it might be something else, but sometimes you think just the opposite. Your efforts and achievements are your greatest treasures.

FUTURE: Dream of you vs about you indicates that you will have to make a decision soon, but you should reflect on it alone before making it. Self-confidence will increase and you will face the new year with optimism. A romantic dinner could be the perfect ending to the weekend. The smaller the guest list, the less trouble you will have and the more you will enjoy. A person who is truly important to you will show you her unconditional support.

ADVICE: Calmly analyze all the elements to reach a conclusion. You must make a new decision about an aspect of your life that you dare not look at.

WARNING: Be careful not to get your comments wrong. Try to solve it by talking calmly and without getting nervous.

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