Dream of Yellow Butterfly

MEANING: Dream of yellow butterfly indicates that for this, the more you plan it, the better it will be. Menial tasks are providing little opportunities for advancement. You are expressing some connection to someone. You will feel light and enjoy great serenity. Don’t let melancholy get the better of you, because it is not something that assaults you often.

SOON: Yellow butterfly in dream indicates that if you have recently been together, it is normal that you do not know part of it. Now it is time to use that positive fact in a job improvement. Prosperity comes to you from the good fortune of others. The family, looking for you, supports you and shows you their love. Sometimes it is not so bad to express certain complaints, although in a calm and respectful way.

FUTURE: Dream of yellow butterfly shows that you will have to give explanations, and more if you are related to studies or law. That puts you in a good mood and makes you see everything with more optimism. You will not lack money now to be happy and help others. The economic, improves much more than you expected. A close friend, more experienced than you in love, will advise you on your relationship.

More about Yellow Butterfly

Dream of butterfly suggests that your luck in sentimental conquests is multiplied. Your call will be very comforting to him and he will feel more encouraged and protected in some way. A solution arrives to a problem with a partner who was acting against you in some way. You deserve to go as high as you set out to go, and you will certainly get it. You will enjoy in love and company of the people you love most in a day you will not easily forget.

Dream of yellow butterfly contains special messages

ADVICE: Give from your inexhaustible source of humor to those around you. You should bet on the safe option, even if it is not the majority.

WARNING: Don’t trust someone who suddenly treats you in a very friendly way. Be careful with words and don’t say what you wouldn’t like to be told.

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I had a dream of a yellow butterfly with black spots flying and landing on my chest. Then it left one wing before flying off. I turned back to see the butterfly and still it was flying like there was not any damage to its wings. Then it came again towards me and flew off higher into the sky. What does this mean?