Dream of Butterfly

MEANING: Dream of butterfly signifies that this could distract you from your occupations and create anxiety. You are trying to distance yourself from some issue or emotion. You are more considerate of your company than you sometimes think. It will be a breath of fresh air after a difficult season. You may feel undeserving of your achievements.

SOON: Dream of butterfly symbolises that your seductive power knows no limits, but you are hardly aware of it. Mental balance is very important for you to act and work effectively. It’s time to keep in your more discreet positions. There are good prospects in the material, profits, or advances in a business of some kind. Your perseverance and will power have been decisive.

FUTURE: Dream of butterfly expresses that until recently, certain doubts haunted your head, but now they are totally clear. You will enjoy all this even if you do it alone. You will be very loquacious and skilled with words. Some activity related to music or dance will suit you. In the evening you will have some time to focus on a task you really want to do or read a book.

ADVICE: Trust the advice they give you because they will be wise and guide you correctly. Spend time with that person who has listened to you so many times.

WARNING: Analyze a mistake you made last week, learn from it. Don’t try to finish all the tasks and be so perfectionist.

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