Dream of Worms

MEANING: Dream of worms signifies that you will experience much success through your perseverance. You are ready to rid yourself of the negativity surrounding your life. Although it is hard for you to admit that, you will see that other doors open around you. If you live every day on automatic pilot you will never feel completely well. You will redeem yourself and regain your honor after your fall from grace.

SOON: Dream of worms means that love and social issues have kept you very busy these last days. You go through a moment of emotional calm. Staying on the couch for an afternoon is not bad. That calms you down and makes you breathe and be able to think about other things. You dedicated all your time and sacrificed many parts of your life.

FUTURE: Dream of worms shows that soon, you will receive news that opens new paths with new friends. The projects will materialize as soon as you put your part. Very good news about money will come soon. In the evening, a conversation with a friend will do you good to clear your mind. The support you will give to a person, a child or your partner will be very valuable.

ADVICE: Start by talking about it with your friends and family. Be honest with her because that will only bring you benefits.

WARNING: You must take care of your important relationships on a daily basis so that they do not wither. You have to learn to trust people more now, even if it costs you.

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