Dream of Work

MEANING: Dream of work signifies that take the bull by the horns to progress in your company or business. You can feel the unlimited abundance of the universe by being grateful for everything you have. You need to communicate something important and urgent. In any case, it will be very enriching and you will reach wise conclusions. If you set your mind to it, you could greatly improve the management of your income and expenses.

SOON: Dream of work indicates that the worst is over and now you can see the way forward. Others often understand time very differently from you. You need strength for other more personal aspects. Your talent to create, communicate, express, is at its best. What is interesting is what you can learn from what happens, not the facts themselves.

FUTURE: Dream of work symbolises that this will influence your good mood which makes you attractive to other mortals. This will make you stronger and wiser in life. Dreams will be prophetic and revelations very successful. Your partner won’t stop thinking about an issue that you think is already closed. Now it’s the family’s turn to ask for help in a somewhat complex situation.

ADVICE: Try to draw positive conclusions for the future. Take special care of what you do at home and avoid accidents.

WARNING: Think that maybe he deserves a chance, even if you don’t want to commit now. Don’t look so much for the money and listen to your intuition.

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I was doing some work in a building with my son carrying some documents and walking here and there sometimes up floor sometimes down floor sometimes this room sometimes that room.