Dream of White See

MEANING: Dream of white see suggests that don’t avoid your partner or a problem he poses. This is going to be very clear in relationships, keep it in mind. Trust your capacity for empathy and, even if it is difficult for you, try to understand the other version. A personal problem has caused your work pace to slow down and several issues to accumulate. You need to consider the overall picture.

SOON: Dream of white see suggests that you have them and it’s time to trust them. Things are not black or white, it is you who interpret them. There is nothing more difficult for anyone than knowing oneself. Everything you are living is precisely what you needed to live at this moment. You must be very attentive to your economic situation.

FUTURE: Dream of white see indicates that your mood will improve once you manage to focus on what you are living in the present. The truth will make you worthy of good and lasting friendships. It’s a perfect day for you to go to the movies and most likely someone will propose you. A walk in solitude will do you a world of good to get back in focus. This gesture will make you popular with those around you.

ADVICE: Dose well the activities and your strengths. Pay attention to physical health and increase your fruit and vegetable intake.

WARNING: Be careful because that can lead to stress that could later take its toll. Plant your feet firmly on the ground or you will risk falling.

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