Dream of White Dishes

MEANING: Dream of white dishes indicates that the attitude of your partner, one of your children, or a roommate begins to wear you down. You will feel very renewed intellectually and you will shine a lot. Some surprises are waiting for you at work. That’s the way to move forward and get where you want to go. Someone will challenge you with something that, if you look closely, can be a very positive goal for you.

SOON: White dishes in dream symbolises that you like to live on the edge, but you must stop and think about what is good for you. The only thing you can do for a sick family member is to show your support and spend time with them. You can’t expect everyone to do, at all times, what you think is right. The important thing is that whatever you do, you do it calmly and comfortably. You feel that you have stagnated socially, but you can remedy it.

FUTURE: Dream of white dishes shows that you will please yourself by doing what you consider your true mission in life. Changes may occur, but they will not harm you. Devotes part of the day to organizing and planning for the coming week. Your sense of friendship will be strong and that makes you proud of yourself. In the newspaper you will find a news item that will give you food for thought.

More about White Dishes

Dream of dishes shows that you will have a special appointment that may or may not lead to something else. This time you will be helped a lot by a colleague you normally don’t trust. Everything false that stagnates you disappears and everything true drives you to new achievements. You will enjoy good health and excellent mood. Two things can happen, you can succeed or you can fail.

Dream of white dishes contains special messages

ADVICE: You must learn to love yourself and have more confidence. Everything you do, do it with energy and determination.

WARNING: Don’t lose patience and don’t let anyone embitter your existence. Get out of everything that invalidates or paralyzes you as a human being.

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