Dream of Walking On Rainbow

MEANING: Dream of walking on rainbow means that you are worried about what is ahead in your future. If you get stuck you will pay the consequences and regret it very soon. You are not saying what you really feel. Possibility of meeting someone who will make you lose your mind, in the best of senses. Your physical problems are due to a lack of restraint.

SOON: Walking on rainbow in dream shows that it’s a good decision because you’re going to win at what really matters. That improves considerably and you feel more renewed. You’re too close to a target to throw in the towel now. You are in a moment of transformation and change, especially at the inner level. The stability of your emotional relationship makes you think of a formal commitment.

FUTURE: Dream of walking on rainbow symbolises that now it is coming and it will be positive, especially if it is about health. If you stay a little calm, things will work out better. Your friends will be grateful for your company as they have not seen you for a long time. Sentimental and professional relationships are intensified. You may meet an acquaintance on the street.

More about Walking On Rainbow

Dream of rainbow signifies that ask your friends and family, someone could give you valuable information. A new opportunity in work will arise unexpectedly. In a few days you will feel relief and be able to practice your favorite sport. Your health will be favorable and your mood, formidable. A call to someone very decisive will give you clues of what you should do to solve it.

Dream of walking on rainbow contains special messages

ADVICE: Try to make them understand that everything has its time and place and that everyone must give in. You must design a plan of action according to reality so that your objectives can materialize.

WARNING: Do not be angry if you see that your plans do not work out as you had designed them in your mind. Don’t wait for someone who doesn’t give you answers.

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