Dream of Waiting To Be Executed

MEANING: Dream of waiting to be executed means that leave behind something you are too attached to. Don’t let something splash on you that is not at all your responsibility. You must give priority, at this time of your life, to your financial affairs. Caring for your body and mind will focus your concerns today. The hobbies you share are the ones that will give you the most satisfaction.

SOON: Dream of waiting to be executed suggests that the world is full of opportunities for those who are willing to open up. It’s not your ideal plan, but it’s a moral obligation and you know it. It’s time to take risks and make decisions you’ve never made before. You regain enthusiasm with new and refreshing news. Sometimes we have to stop short and reflect to move forward.

FUTURE: Dream of waiting to be executed means that meeting new people will make your heart even bigger. You will not lack the reasons to smile or enjoy. Consider saving some money, you may need it in the medium term. Your love life takes an unexpected and very beneficial turn. You will be in a good mood as you start this month which brings a lot of movement in all directions.

ADVICE: Throw yourself into an adventure with the certainty that you will come out triumphant. Remember the important thing is to get up again.

WARNING: Don’t worry if you fantasize about someone other than your partner. If pain persists, make an appointment for a doctor.

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Dream that my partner and myself were going to be executed by being shot by a man in our home