Dream of Tree Underwater

MEANING: Dream of tree underwater symbolises that you are not sure what you want to do and where you want to go. You are afraid of losing something that means a lot to you. There are other ways to have fun than conventional ones. Don’t let yourself be carried away by feelings from the past that no longer serve to make you happy. If you have any debts or outstanding payments, be careful with the money.

SOON: Tree underwater in dream suggests that it’s just a matter of better organizing your duties. Your work goals are very ambitious, but they are by no means impossible. You can’t say no because it suits you to relate to different people. There is still a pending issue in your family related to a succession or inheritance. You are the one who decides what meaning you give to the things that happen to you.

FUTURE: Dream of tree underwater shows that love, adventure and excitement will not be lacking in your life now. Generosity, self-confidence and emotions will run deep throughout the day. Any conversation or discussion will be very interesting now. You enter a period of self-evaluation, personal recognition. If not, it is very possible that you know someone with whom you could live something very nice.

More about Tree Underwater

Dream of trees symbolises that at work you will have to work harder than usual to successfully complete a project. If you have not been able to enjoy your vacations during the summer, you will soon be able to pack. You will now feel capable of achieving the impossible. You are in a period of economizing more and spending less, using your head. Nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams now.

Dream of tree underwater contains special messages

ADVICE: Impose in a calm, firm and convinced way what you are saying or organizing. Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious, but you will have to make an effort to solve it.

WARNING: Be patient, for your nerves will take their toll. Don’t worry about money as your economy is healthy.

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