Dream of Torture

MEANING: Dream of torture shows that you are anxious about an existing issue. You are you are rejecting some part of your own character. New friends will come into your life as soon as you are open to certain changes. Grace, agility, regeneration and growth. There may be changes in your work related to the arrival of new people.

SOON: Dream of torture signifies that it’s time to move forward without looking back, to sow new illusions and go after your dreams. That’s a good thing if you know how to get the comments right. Your love for your parents is something that is beyond doubt. If you do not have a steady partner, the time is ideal to choose between two very dear people. The smartest thing is to listen to medical or professional advice of any kind.

FUTURE: Dream of torture signifies that you will solve a work setback thanks to an apprenticeship you did last week. You will continue to focus most of your time on work and money issues. Your image shines, your desire to show off and seduce, too. If you reflect on your time and the way you want to spend it, you will be surprised. A call or email will fill you with joy and fond memories.

ADVICE: Go your own way no matter what the critics or what they say. This is when you decide to prove the world wrong, so take advantage of this energy.

WARNING: Time is valuable and you should not waste it anymore. If you have set out to diet, do not fall into temptation with the slightest excuse.

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