Dream of Toe

MEANING: Dream of toe suggests that you want to amount to something in your life. Face everything that is preventing you from flowing more naturally and joyfully. You’re going to get a lot out of it, although you might have a hard time catching up with all that. You walk away from a stormy group or one that brought you very little. You need oxygen and to recover from the stress you have been enduring.

SOON: Dream of toe shows that this process of personal evolution is very positive. The most important thing will be that you continue to stay positive and happy. Demonstrating feelings is sometimes much more effective than just verbalizing them. There will be many more expenses than expected, but that does not have to affect you. The less you say, the better it is for you.

FUTURE: Dream of toe signifies that you will move this weekend and that will be good for you to leave aside a certain sedentariness. Somehow you are in the hands of destiny, but it plays in your favor. You will now share your joy with friends, acquaintances and those you love. This sunday will be sprinkled with romance under the auspices of an elderly. Some barriers give way and that allows you to advance in your most immediate plans.

ADVICE: Don’t forget to rest for a while, it will do you good, especially if you have night plans. Be attentive to your behavior and you will save yourself an upset that will get you nowhere.

WARNING: Avoid alcoholic beverages and high-calorie foods. Don’t pretend not to know, you must pay attention and tell him clearly if you want him to go or not.

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