Dream of Theatre

MEANING: Dream of theatre shows that it is time to get the negativity out of your system. The fact of not knowing how to stop goes with your way of being. You need to look at some problem or something from a new perspective. If you are aggressive and distant with your family you will only get further away from them. You will be today someone very powerful who will shine with his own light.

SOON: Dream of theatre suggests that it’s a good time to make decisions you didn’t dare to make in the past. You already have all the success you need to be happy, but it seems you always want more. It’s time for you to discover the power of your mind and get to work on being your best. You feel fulfilled and for the first time you do not need others to be happy. You deserve to have a good time after a few tiring days.

FUTURE: Dream of theatre suggests that if there are exams or tests of any kind, effort will be the key to success. You will show a contagious mood and positive energy. You will spend a day with very high spirits, with positive energy. That mental work will do you good as you will see that sometimes you suffer unnecessarily. Dialogue and assert yourself, only in this way you will stop the rumors that surround you.

ADVICE: Try to see the positives in situations and what you have learned along the way. Search for someone professional for work.

WARNING: Keep in mind what that can cost you in time and money. Don’t make decisions when you are under pressure.

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