Dream of Swimming In Running Water

MEANING: Dream of swimming in running water suggests that you will have luck as an ally in a project you are going to undertake. Takes note of this valuable teaching and acts on it from today. Certain jobs or projects from the past will start to give you a lot of satisfaction. The next trip you make will mark you greatly. You are not being recognized for what you have given up.

SOON: Swimming in running water in dream shows that you are certainly going through an active stage with many commitments of various kinds. You are very valuable, but in order to prove it you must first believe in yourself. Sometimes you are a little shy in these matters. Your social magnetism is very strong now, use it to your advantage. At night, it is best to rest and make a quiet life.

FUTURE: Dream of swimming in running water symbolises that at home, however, you will live with your pet moments of true happiness. You are learning a very important life lesson, and when you learn it you will never forget it. You like order and you will apply it correctly. On the way back you will come loaded with good feelings and with a more open mind. You acquire self-confidence, courage and honesty to defend what is yours at all costs.

More about Swimming In Running Water

Dream of water suggests that at night you will live very special moments. Although it is not consolation, relativizing things helps. In them you will find an escape valve to the pressure you live these days. Your positive attitude may help you overcome certain minor problems. You will come to your senses and reward your partner for the attitude of the last days.

Dream of swimming symbolises that perhaps you have a passionate or romantic encounter. Your image will be attractive and all this will help your self-esteem to be at a very high level. You will have the ability to earn extra money by working more hours or doing side jobs. There are times when others act for us, on the sidelines. Your psychism will help you now to discover the truth in everything.

Dream of swimming in running water contains special messages

ADVICE: At work, you must regain your self-confidence and use your mind in a positive way. Your mentality must be opened once and for all to the totality of possibilities.

WARNING: In love, sometimes you have to risk again. Be more careful and don’t break the rules without thinking about the consequences.

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