Dream of Survival

MEANING: Dream of survival means that the work situation will require you to adapt and it seems very complicated, but it is not that complicated. A new person joins your work. Perhaps you need to avoid certain food, habit, person, situation, etc. You unite with those beings you love and share now more with them. Relax as much as you can afterwards, as you will have fun and happy moments.

SOON: Survival in dream suggests that many recover from some illnesses or discomforts they had been suffering. These moments of relaxation are very convenient for you. It’s time to put a little more balance around you. Love and romance are strong at this time. If you want, you can have some dalliance with a person close to you.

FUTURE: Dream of survival indicates that you are living a very good stage in the personal. At work you will continue to breathe a very relaxed atmosphere. Seeing things differently, everything will start to change. Your multiple talents will now open doors that were long closed. A relative or parent takes priority in your life.

Dream of survival contains special messages

ADVICE: Enjoy everything that now comes into your life. Consider what the real possibilities are for achieving this at this time.

WARNING: Don’t resist change as it suits you like never before. Do not trust intermediaries who have their own interests.

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