Dream of Spaceship

MEANING: Dream of spaceship signifies that when you help others you feel good and when you don’t help others you feel guilty. You will recognize right away a lot of common points and that can make you almost in the clouds. You are trying to protect yourself from getting hurt, either emotionally or even physically. Simply, don’t let it affect you, take it out of your mind and go your way. Those longings that you don’t share with anyone will be very present in your mind today.

SOON: Dream of spaceship expresses that you are in the final stretch to achieve one of your important goals. It’s time to discover the power within you. Your attitudes and way of seeing reality are in a period of transformation. You are usually realistic and don’t mind admitting that there are things you should leave parked. This process of personal evolution is very positive.

FUTURE: Dream of spaceship indicates that if you continue to strive to give the best of yourself, you will be the main beneficiary. In a family meal you will deal with a tricky subject that you have been avoiding for a long time. A sacrifice is coming for an elderly person who requires certain care. You will try to spend less time at work and more time in your personal life. You will have to choose between several professional options.

ADVICE: Dedicate your valuable time to those who truly love and value you. Show yourself as you are, but keep an ace up your sleeve.

WARNING: If you lose your temper with your children or partner, apologize as soon as possible. Take that step to start a diet, stop a harmful behavior or addiction, or play sports.

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