Dream of Soup

MEANING: Dream of soup indicates that you must turn the page on a subject that you have given too much thought to. You are surrounded by strong relationships and solid friendships. Your health will improve immediately if you are serious about playing sports regularly. See a professional who can guide you before the water reaches the river. Having fun with others and being sociable is good, but sometimes you overdo it and that is not good.

SOON: Dream of soup shows that you’re old enough to have to hide some of your behavior. Your family and friends love you unconditionally, realize that. You feel the desire to have fun, adventure and enjoy yourself. It’s best to go about your business and do your job to the best of your ability. The culmination of a period of sickness of soul and body has come to an end.

FUTURE: Dream of soup indicates that you will see how many things about your environment and even your physical strength improve. No matter how much you hide, everyone will notice your differences. In any case, your energy will be quite positive, you will show empathy. You will be quite relaxed if you do not insist that everything goes according to your whim. When your heart asks, you are able to make great efforts.

ADVICE: Take advantage of it, get busy and go out and enjoy everything. Get involved in new projects or activities.

WARNING: Keep it in mind and don’t act like a machine because others do. You should be careful with money as this situation can be prolonged in time.

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