Dream of Someone Touching Your Feet

MEANING: Dream of someone touching your feet signifies that take advantage of all that strength to keep walking towards where you want. You are withdrawing from daily life and distancing yourself from others. You can swim and put away clothes with a lot of skill, more than it might seem at times. You have committed too many excesses in the last few weeks that are now taking their toll. You need to take the initiative and reach out to others.

SOON: Someone touching your feet in dream symbolises that it’s time for you to be honest with everyone. Loving implies being free and freedom demands being oneself. Trips are important to you, plan one and go now. Now you see that certain efforts have been worthwhile. Matters of the heart still do not have priority in your life.

FUTURE: Dream of someone touching your feet suggests that at night you could use a slow conversation with your partner. Your friend won’t mean any harm and you know it. You will enjoy many pleasant memories and happy moments. A season of prosperity is approaching in your life. You have worked hard, you have fought and now the prize, the reward, will come.

More about Someone Touching Your Feet

Dream of feet symbolises that if you had any physical discomfort, it will start to disappear. Cupid will link you in the least expected moment of the day by making some solid links. You will be calm, although with many projects in your head. You’ll look good with a job and receive congratulations from your colleagues and a superior. Someone will be by your side to help you in whatever you need.

Dream of a touch indicates that a good hot bath will help you regain your strength and peace of mind. Your optimism will improve a lot and that will be noticed by those closest to you. You enjoy a lot and there will be a good mood around you. Everything will be to your liking and you will do what you want. If you pay attention to your friends they will be able to reveal things to you that you did not know.

Dream of someone touching your feet contains special messages

ADVICE: Consider that in a few days you may have to pay a certain amount. And, above all, be kind to the people around you.

WARNING: Don’t look at the calendar or be so influenced by the passage of time. Don’t be obsessed with your own vision of things, ask yourself if you should change.

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