Dream of Feet

MEANING: Dream of feet signifies that you should look within yourself for the solution to a problem instead of relying on outside help. Don’t let a person you don’t like spoil your day. Today you will receive a curious proposal for your next vacation. Today you feel that you can eat the world, that nothing and nobody can beat you. True love does not question but supports and understands.

SOON: Dream of feet shows that sometimes you get a little strong character and you can’t stop your words. You are preparing for a great change of which you are not yet fully aware. You defend a person you know is worthwhile and that makes you feel very good inside. This is something that started to get bigger a few weeks ago. You have the opportunity to contact someone who can give you a boost.

FUTURE: Dream of feet suggests that whatever you do to progress will be rewarded in these difficult times. You will relate to influential people and tell them your future professional plans. You will enjoy the leisure time related to music or movies. You’ll want to go shopping during the sales period. You will not be in such a bad mood throughout the day as you thought at first.

ADVICE: Take care that something you care a lot about, ends well, especially in economic matters. Propose to seek the peace you so desire and need.

WARNING: You must realize your limitations and accept that you cannot solve the other’s problems. If you can’t solve this on your own, demand a minimum commitment from your family.

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