Dream of Someone Threatening To Kill You

MEANING: Dream of someone threatening to kill you suggests that it is time to make a fresh, clean start. Be careful what you ask for, it may even come true. Today you will be too irritable at work and it will not be your best day. If you have any hobbies, you will be especially bright today to put them into practice. Do not abuse your physical strength or overdo it with food.

SOON: Dream of someone threatening to kill you signifies that you have in your hand to help him, but you must first reflect on what is best for him. Now you are breathing easier and happier. Your partner could dig in and claim space or prominence. Everything good that happens to you has its reason, but you are free to accept it or not. Only you know how important it is and what it means.

FUTURE: Dream of someone threatening to kill you means that activities involving the public will be beneficial to you. Nerves will not play a bad trick on you and you will solve the situation very efficiently. In any case, you will be very surprised with what he has to tell you. Sport or physical exercise will help you feel strong again. You will feel better if you go your way and forget those quarrels that are useless to you.

ADVICE: Spreads out time better, while still looking for free spaces, without obligations. Share them with those you love and you will realize how lucky you are.

WARNING: You have unfinished business must be resolved before moving on to the next thing. You don’t have to give your opinion, just be by his side.

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