Dream of Someone Threatening To Kill You

MEANING: Dream of someone threatening to kill you signifies that pay attention to the expenses you are having these days. Today will be a day for reflection and analysis. Perhaps, it is time to make a new start. Your intuition will advise you to change the direction you were following until now. They will think a lot about how they can change them.

SOON: Someone threatening to kill you in dream suggests that you have very important people and goals to meet. It’s time to consolidate projects and move on to new goals. You transmit security to others and therefore they trust you. Little by little you have achieved what you so much desire. The future looks better and you regain peace of mind in many aspects of your life.

FUTURE: Dream of someone threatening to kill you suggests that suddenly you will be aware of a special gift that you did not know you had. Your relationship is slowly but surely evolving. Your partner will surprise you like never before and you will feel full and happy. If you behave relaxed and honestly, you will change your image. You may be invited to a dinner that will be pleasant and will help you forget that certain sadness.

Dream of someone threatening to kill you contains special messages

ADVICE: Take good care of all that, since it can affect you much later if you sin of naivety. Take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of old and useless junk.

WARNING: Avoid doubts, escape from fear and decide to leave your comfort zone. Change your busy schedule to a quieter one.

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