Dream of Snake Plant

MEANING: Dream of snake plant suggests that success will come as a result of your determination. Although outwardly you seem to be steel, your ills reflect your enormous sensitivity and vulnerability. Today will be a day for you to enjoy with your partner. You are you are rejecting some part of your own character. You have issues of control and the desire to know the unknown.

SOON: Snake plant in dream expresses that everything has its time, and there is no need to run so much. The important thing is that you have fun doing your job. Life is beautiful, but the glasses you wear are not always the right ones. You can go about your business, as if you had not heard his words, some of them harmful. You are not as far away as you sometimes think from your dreams coming true.

FUTURE: Dream of snake plant shows that for that you will have to be willing to forgive him. The opportunity to make a great investment may arise, don’t let it pass. That in which you put all your effort and interest will progress as if by magic. You will surprise them with a very tempting proposal that will please the little ones in the house. Everything will be a little complicated, but in the end, it will be fine.

More about Snake Plant

Dream of snakes suggests that tomorrow you will be much better as long as you keep taking care of yourself. An unexpected call will give you great news that will affect your family life very positively. A mystery will be solved that for you was indecipherable. After a long time of job uncertainty, you may have to make some important decisions. Your emotional state is good and it will make you want to look good on the outside too.

Dream of plants symbolises that a little physical activity will do you good. You will go after that which gives you security in both the emotional and material aspects. They return to you those desires to do things, to vary, to think and even to promote your image. You will not be afraid to say what you think or what your expectations are. If you don’t have it, you will meet that special person who will captivate you.

Dream of snake plant contains special messages

ADVICE: Look closely at the actions and steps taken by some people. Increase your income as well as your free fans and enemies.

WARNING: Beware of flattery, neither make it nor let it be given to you. Watch out for emotional blackmail, because you must not let it make a dent in you.

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I dreamt a old coworker had a snake plant on top of her head. I also seen several snakes. One bit a man I did not know but soon I saw a few bright red snakes to emerge out of a cabinet. I did not get bitten


snake plants growing under house