Dream of Snakes

MEANING: Dream of snakes shows that you must breathe several times, deeply, to calm the latent anxiety you will feel today. You need to proceed carefully into some situation or relationship. You are still trying to feel out some situation. Professional issues are not badly presented, because you are going to be in the mind of someone important. Many alternatives and paths to follow to succeed are presented to you.

SOON: Dream of snakes suggests that you are right to recover the illusion, but you must go step by step. You are a romantic and idealistic person who longs for a refined and honest personal relationship. The time has come to open your mind and contemplate other possibilities. Only you can make certain decisions that affect third parties or young children. You know that your constancy has given you great fruits in other occasions.

FUTURE: Dream of snakes expresses that your excellent work will lead to promotions and higher earnings. This attitude will help you to achieve what you set out to do and to overcome any setbacks. Professionally, an important conversation awaits you. At home, you will mediate to solve a conflict that affects several members. There are so many people you can access and possibilities to open up.

ADVICE: Follow your destiny and don’t stop because of anything or anyone. You should take things more slowly and delegate responsibility to others.

WARNING: Don’t be overwhelmed because you have many tasks to do and don’t have time to finish them all. You must free yourself from certain ambitions that do you no good.

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I dreamt a brown snake attacking me


Dear Interpreter–please help: I was in a spiritual world, and I came to an Ocean. The Ocean Was filled with Millions of snakes–all colors, sizes and poisonous/harmful abilities. I came to traverse the Ocean with others by foot, and snakes were very close to harm me, but didnt. But realized it was too dangerous, and I was not skilled enough. I decided to leave and entered a beach home my sister owned/rented. She instructed me to lie down in the living room, and I did.