Dream of Small Crocodile

MEANING: Dream of small crocodile shows that you are afraid of confronting your own feelings. You propose to a friend an outing or a coffee because you want to find out something about a certain person. You have not earned or deserved to be in this position you are at currently. If someone invites you to play a game where money is involved, say no nicely. You’ll want a homemade, intimate plan with few people who know you forever.

SOON: Small crocodile in dream suggests that things are going better than you expected and that makes you very happy. You may feel a little short of money, but buckling up once in a while is not bad. You smile at an occurrence of a child or someone you like very much and that gives you kind moments. You start a stage where you need stability around you. You look over and over again at offers of any kind because you are trying to cut costs in some way.

FUTURE: Dream of small crocodile means that tomorrow you will wake up renewed and full of vitality. The desire to look different makes you change your fashion or hair color. You will receive the support you deserve and you earned. The best part of this day will be the social meetings or groups of people with a common interest. You will get it very easily if you explain well what you need it for.

More about Small Crocodile

Dream of crocodile indicates that you have reasons for this since in the professional and emotional field things are going well. You will be very inspired by the work and your ideas will be valued positively. You take steps towards emotional maturity and feel more vital and complete. The answers will bring you a very renewed passion in your life. A good friend will help you with everything you need.

Dream of small crocodile contains special messages

ADVICE: You need to recover your self-esteem and good mood. Take advantage of your network, if not, someone else will.

WARNING: Don’t reject any possibility, but negotiate carefully. You must know that there is an internal saboteur who will try to get away with it.

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