Dream of Sky

MEANING: Dream of sky signifies that you need to unload and let go some of your responsibilities. Today the labor panorama is going to change quite a bit and new things are going to happen. If you are working in contact with clients or facing the public, everything will be easy for you today. You need to escape and get away from the daily grind and unwind. Reflect on how hard it is to earn money and how easily you spend it.

SOON: Dream of sky symbolises that the change is positive, even if it has cost you to make an introspection not exempt of some downturn. You know how important it is to unite the hearts to carry out a work of affection. You do not like to look for enemies and for that you use the distance, and you do well. Someone new comes into your life who can surprise you much more than you think. You regain the optimism and desire to start in a company, business or project.

FUTURE: Dream of sky signifies that business and work relations will be intensified. There are pleasant surprises waiting for you in the family environment. You have learned valuable lessons and become emotionally stronger. You will be supported at work by a colleague you did not count on for help. You will be romantically aggressive, sensual and passionate.

ADVICE: Follow an orderly meal schedule and avoid drinking alcohol for at least a few days. You must assert your opinions and expose them without fear to your colleagues and superiors.

WARNING: Don’t leave it for later as it will be too late to explain. Don’t be so prejudiced if you are introduced to a person who has nothing to do with you.

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