Dream of Significant Other

MEANING: Dream of significant other suggests that life has not yet prepared you to accept the challenges of the hard world of competition. You may have to wait a little while to continue. Be careful not to spread it around as you may damage it. There are certain labor struggles that you have not yet left behind that still concern you today. You are seeking for social activity or companionship.

SOON: Dream of significant other signifies that you manage to organize some meeting in which there will be signs of affection. Perhaps someone unexpected has crossed your path. It’s time you learned how to prevent certain ailments that recur in your body every few weeks. You are going through a mental stage in which you are rethinking many important things in your life. You like to get to the essence of things, what is really important.

FUTURE: Dream of significant other expresses that a spiritual retreat will do much to replenish energies and put your thoughts in order. The word precaution will protect you from making rash business decisions. Your partner will finally recognize that you are his good luck charm. In love you will feel very close to your partner who will show you his unconditional love. They will surprise you with a gift that at first you will think is not very useful.

ADVICE: Try to overcome your fears and don’t close the door to a possible adventure. Takes good care of physical, mental and emotional health.

WARNING: If you hear something that is just a rumor, let it go and don’t go where you are not called. Don’t make homemade excuses and let yourself go for once, without wanting to be the leader.

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