Dream of Killing Significant Other

MEANING: Dream of killing significant other means that don’t let yourself be manipulated by an acquaintance who is always trying to take you to his turf. Your integrity is being called into question. Take it easy, especially on the road. Perhaps you feel that you have drifted apart and the relationship has grown cold. It will be nothing serious as long as you don’t have the accounts to zero.

SOON: Dream of killing significant other shows that perhaps some people around you make you doubt whether your partner’s feelings are real or not. Your emotional ties are strengthened during the day and you feel much closer to your partner. You fill yourself with courage to put into practice everything that you didn’t dare to try before. You reorganize a professional issue that was slipping through your fingers. You lower your barriers and let your life pass to new and renewing experiences.

FUTURE: Dream of killing significant other shows that luck will be on your side as long as you don’t avoid it. Now you feel much more willing to rethink things. Members or those who share that issue will ask you for explanations. You will want to surround yourself with people who transmit tranquility and, in general, be calm. Labor relations will be good, although you may suffer from a clash with a colleague.

ADVICE: Let the day go by and soon you will see everything better. Fulfill your promise, especially if you made this promise to yourself.

WARNING: Try to distance yourself from what you don’t like, especially with children, siblings or parents. Take it easy and don’t try to go too fast or you might fall.

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