Dream of See Breaker

MEANING: Dream of see breaker expresses that you will certainly be glad you did. You are going to feel very liberated because there are some ties from the past that get away. Compensations and rewards are coming for all you have given and sacrificed. The important thing is that you are every day your best. It is not a waste of time what you dedicate to yourself.

SOON: Dream of see breaker shows that you reaffirm your position on a work or peer issue. Your income is not as high as you would like, but it is stable and that is what is important. You have lived certain experiences this summer that have left a mark on you. You are going through a delicate moment in a certain sense, but, above all, calm. It’s time to act and do what you want to do.

FUTURE: Dream of see breaker signifies that you will start preparing some short trips or christmas plans, but very tight to the budget. You will meet someone who can become a great friend. You will enjoy a pleasant day with family or close friends. In love you will live sweet and beautiful moments that will be to remember. Your state of mind will accompany you in your purposes.

ADVICE: Channel your frustrations and direct them towards constructive things. Learn to relax by taking several deep breaths and see everything differently.

WARNING: Be more careful and don’t break the rules without thinking about the consequences. Try to see beyond your navel or risk being left alone.

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