Dream of Salamander

MEANING: Dream of salamander indicates that don’t get carried away with melancholy or thinking that any time past was better. Your character will be put under scrutiny and called into question. You can learn an important lesson from a complicated relationship you have with a person. Increase your physical activity, because that will do you good to keep them away. Your luck, your present and your future will now be linked to the foreigner.

SOON: Dream of salamander signifies that leaving the past behind is important, and setting goals, however small, is a look to the future. The important thing is that you contribute your wisdom, rising above the situation. The financial storm that has passed leaves you strong and wise to play well with your money. The more sociable you are, the better, because there lies your strength, your greatest ability. The past sometimes hurts, yes, but you can run from it or learn.

FUTURE: Dream of salamander suggests that you will successfully complete studies or exams. A process of banishing old attitudes begins. You will know now how to recognize the value of a person and trust him more than before. You may be reunited with someone from your past. Your decisions will be right and very practical because your creativity is very strong.

ADVICE: Spread out your time well, reorganize your commitments and leave the less important ones. If you want to open yourself to love, you have to learn to trust.

WARNING: Try not to take it as an ordeal, it’s not that bad. Don’t hesitate to show him how much you like him and how important he is to you.

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