Dream of Saddle

MEANING: Dream of saddle symbolises that your partner will be upset by something you haven’t done. It wouldn’t hurt to start thinking about a change in eating habits and physiques. Get good advice before launching yourself into new studies or somewhat strange professional adventures. Don’t show your information, don’t think you know a lot. You will solve things with a certain ease and that will make you grow and show enthusiasm and joy.

SOON: Dream of saddle expresses that finally your mental summer has begun, filling you with new hope and energy. The decision is not so complicated, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. To start, you have the right person at your side. There are roads that are not as fast as you thought, but you are on them. Surprises come to you through gifts and money not earned by you.

FUTURE: Dream of saddle signifies that you will experience a rebirth of your being. Within a very short time something becomes clear and you see clearly what you want in your future. You enjoy a lot and there will be a good mood around you. You will be quite surprised by the events, especially at the family level. In this sense a good friend will give you a valuable key.

ADVICE: Try not to say what you really think if it is about professional or client relationships. Invest your money wisely in items for the comfort and enjoyment of you and your family.

WARNING: Take it as a challenge to improve and try harder, but don’t be overwhelmed. You need to slow down so you can connect more with yourself and nature.

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