Dream of Rockfall

MEANING: Dream of rockfall indicates that you will have a hard time finding a logical explanation for something that happens to you today. There is an issue or problem that you are having difficulties understanding. It is good because your mind will be oxygenated and will regain strength. You are expecting a new addition to your family. This is not the time to make professional mistakes, but you will have to take responsibility.

SOON: Dream of rockfall indicates that you are in time to back out of a decision you made without being completely convinced. Your mind is still far from the most ordinary things and you have managed to get out of the monotony. Too many times you are thinking about what could happen or what already happened. It’s time to clean up the rough spots so you can be happy and continue enjoying the road. The energies of this day alter the way you see the world.

FUTURE: Dream of rockfall symbolises that you still want to change, improve, redecorate your home, your environment. Practicing any physical activity will be very beneficial. You will enjoy greater stability and solidity in terms of sentimental relationships. That will cost you a little, but it will give good results that are important for the future. You will not lack desire to raise the passion and discover new very interesting games.

ADVICE: Forget everything and relax without thinking about more. Give it time and things will change as if by magic.

WARNING: If he gets angry, be understanding and don’t get defensive. Don’t stop listening to the signs of life.

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dr delta

From mountain peak there was a rockfall. I thought, will this landslide come all the way down here or will it stop on the side of the mountain. A half-sized light brown boulder came rolling down a direction slightly to the left towards us and I thought I had to stay still a little longer to see how it rolls and possibly bounces. The direction looked like it was going to be pretty steady, so I went a little to the right when it came and kind of ran my hand over it a little bit when it came.