Dream of Rebirth

MEANING: Dream of rebirth expresses that this will cause you more than a headache that will affect your health and your personal life. You are not sure of the direction you are headed. If you calmly explain your point of view to him he will end up understanding it. Daily obligations will weigh you down. You are feeling stuck in some aspect of your life, whether it is your career, relationship, etc.

SOON: Dream of rebirth shows that the important thing is that you are being polite and honest with yourself and others. Your capacity to understand is always very high. The time has come to discover the truth, with all that that means. You are the one who has the last word on all aspects of your life. The important thing is that you feel satisfied at all times.

FUTURE: Dream of rebirth symbolises that everything will go perfectly and properly. At this moment you are sure of what is good for you and where you want to go. In the next few days someone will give you some nice news. You will make good use of your knowledge. You will now be presented with new and better opportunities when it comes to love.

ADVICE: Take a break from work and enjoy a day off that will suit you. Give more than receive and you will never lack anything.

WARNING: You must become strong and ignore them as they proceed a negative person seeking free harm. Don’t stop listening to the signs of life.

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