Dream of Puff Puff

MEANING: Dream of puff puff symbolises that in the afternoon you will enjoy a very pleasant evening with your family, where you will laugh a lot. You need to purify your mind, heart and body. Your health could be harmed by a habit that is not doing you any good. But you must not let yourself be disturbed by external elements that you cannot control. Propose to seek the peace you so desire and need.

SOON: Puff puff in dream suggests that traveling, exploring new places, is something that is emphasized in you under the positive energy. Right now you feel like flying free and you don’t want to commit to anyone. You are waiting, somewhat impatiently, for someone you like to send you a message. You are always ready to help and assist the one who needs you. You care about everything around you, in a global way, in relation to social issues.

FUTURE: Dream of puff puff shows that you have reasons for this since in the professional and emotional field things are going well. You will have to resolve certain issues with people from other countries and other languages. Your partner will thank you and compensate you for the night. Your long-awaited vacation is approaching and you are increasingly nervous and excited. Things will be in place sooner than you think.

Dream of puff puff contains special messages

ADVICE: See a specialist as soon as possible so that you can rest from your own mental whirlwinds. Be careful to be so passionate about everything.

WARNING: Beware of intrigues that can bring problems to relationships. Try to be what you are and don’t take anything for granted, destiny can play a dirty trick on you.

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