Dream of Planting

MEANING: Dream of planting signifies that not that that is bad, but now you will have to use your tenacity to solve them completely. Give yourself time, and if you can go for a long walk in a natural environment. You can’t feel bad about a person who doesn’t appreciate you at all. You are feeling like an outsider in some situation. Communicate with your partner and get to know their feelings.

SOON: Dream of planting means that you are in good health and it shows in your mood. Understanding the other is a matter of empathy. Being so active helps you clear your mind and feel good emotionally. You are considering climbing a professional step that recently seemed unreachable. Looking inward and trying to get better is not bad.

FUTURE: Dream of planting means that you will be willing to break barriers by leaving behind what is useless, what is stagnant. At night you will live, accompanied, moments of fullness. Your manners will be more fluid and you will change the way others perceive you. Only you can clear the doubt, take your way. He will show you his gratitude through a gift and you will not know very well how to fit it.

ADVICE: Even if you run the risk of stumbling and making mistakes, follow your intuition and let yourself go. Seek help from a friend if you feel any kind of blockage, even if it is momentary.

WARNING: Forget about the watch and let yourself be carried away by sensuality and warmth. Don’t play with it in such a shameless way, because that can hurt you more.

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