Dream of Picking Cowries

MEANING: Dream of picking cowries means that you will provide solutions in your closest environment, in your family or in your partner. You tend to be sensitive, moody and emotional. There may be a profound change in the relationship. Reuniting with someone from your past could bring you great joy or spoil your day. Each person is a world and digests things differently.

SOON: Picking cowries in dream symbolises that the time has come to realize dreams and ambitions. It’s time to invest time and energy in your relationships. Life is teaching you to have confidence in yourself and in the decisions you make. You are no longer so tense or tired and have managed not to think too much about certain matters. The best thing is to seek, at least apparently, a compromise solution and put a good face.

FUTURE: Dream of picking cowries means that you are about to achieve a dream that you have been pursuing for a long time. You will succeed but you must do things very well, as you are doing. You will defend your rights with much effort and in the end you will win. You will feel strong, with high self-esteem. A large part of the weekend will be dedicated to celebrating.

More about Picking Cowries

Dream of cowry symbolises that you won’t swim in abundance, but you won’t have financial problems either. A family member you were angry with is slowly coming around again. You will grow in the material and spiritual aspect and be mentally powerful. Very positive professional news coming up. If you have children, you will focus all your attention on them with the beginning of the course.

Dream of picking cowries contains special messages

ADVICE: Try to make your reaction as calm as possible, even if it makes you seem more cold and rational. Now you must act more quickly in professional matters so as not to harm anyone.

WARNING: Try to be more flexible or you will come to a serious confrontation with your partner. If the relationship doesn’t work out, keep what you’ve enjoyed.

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I dreamt of picking 2white cowries in my dream which.


I was asked by a man to pick cowrie, I picked little but the man asked me to pick more… While I was picking, I saw my secondary School class mate, she was operated and 2 guys came there to propose to her but she chose one..


I dreamt of picking white, Red and black cowries from tree and gem stones ..what’s does it mean

Goodness Goodlife

I had a dream last night where I was picking up so much white cowries

Molly M.

I had a dream that I was wading in very clear water and there were very large clear and purple cowries climbing on the rocks. They were beautiful. I picked one up and showed it to someone in my dream and put it back.


I picked some cowrie in my dream and I think it is close to the sea


Picking of white cowries in dream