Dream of Payphone

MEANING: Dream of payphone expresses that it is not time to be afraid, but to face it with joy and a look of hope. Today you will be too irritable at work and it will not be your best day. Your optimism will make you live the day in a big way. You’ll argue with a co-worker and get frustrated when you find out you’re not right. You are trying to sort out aspects of your life.

SOON: Dream of payphone means that many natives of the sign have not yet finished their vacation and still have plans in this regard. You feel convinced that you can achieve everything you set out to do. Maybe it’s just a matter of communication, of making you understand better. You have before you the opportunity to be honest with someone and help them with a problem. You must realize that you are a great support for your friends.

FUTURE: Dream of payphone means that perhaps that wait will serve to make him miss you and value you more. Conversations will be much easier than you expect. What does depend on you is that you approach what happens with a positive attitude. In the work you will give your best and be congratulated by one of your superiors. A little weekend getaway will go a long way to reconnect with yourself.

ADVICE: Follow the path you have started and more and more doors will open for you. Explore new options or ask someone with more experience to help.

WARNING: Take a good look at your money and don’t spend it on possible games that won’t give you profits. You have to adjust to reality, you have no choice.

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