Dream of Passing Out Feaces

MEANING: Dream of passing out feaces suggests that control the most irascible part of your character today. You live new things around you that you don’t like as much as you had expected. You will be encouraged to join some activity that involves a lot of energy and vivifies you. Spend with your head enjoying what you have. Today you feel at ease and relaxed.

SOON: Dream of passing out feaces signifies that now you give value to what is true love, without conditions. The direction you want to take in your life is up to you. It’s time for you to consider a change in your life so that nothing remains as it was before. Life is teaching you to get out of old habits that didn’t do you any good. Shows you know what you are doing very well.

FUTURE: Dream of passing out feaces signifies that this will be especially relevant in family matters. You will have many opportunities to advance at a fast pace both personally and professionally. You will bet on adventures with someone outside your usual circle, maybe with someone very different. If you do, you will evolve, feel better and have a sense of rest and clarity. With a little patience and knocking on the right doors you will be able to solve it.

ADVICE: Let yourself be surprised by life because it brings wonderful gifts. Enjoy the change and savor the good times that circumstances offer.

WARNING: Try to control yourself and not give too much importance to the snubbed comments you may make. Try not to get depressed, it will be something temporary.

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