Dream of Oregano

MEANING: Dream of oregano symbolises that you are being too hard on yourself, especially if a situation was out of your control. You will now pay greater attention to detail and carefully plan each step to be taken. There is someone who looks at you with very good eyes, even if you have not noticed much. Take control of your life, don’t wait any longer and make the decision to do it yourself. Focus on health today.

SOON: Dream of oregano signifies that the accounts begin to balance, you see that you have not been wrong in your decisions in that field. They accuse you, point at you, talk about you behind your back, but you don’t get upset. The most important thing for things to get back to normal is for you to stay calm. A friend brings you good memories and very entertaining moments that make you have a great time. Now is the right time to make adjustments to personal appearance.

FUTURE: Dream of oregano indicates that you will notice that the economic issue is no longer your concern and everything flows very well. You will now have the courage and aggressiveness to achieve seemingly impossible dreams. You will be clear about their relationship with you and why. Your parents will help you with what you need. In general, you will have a lot of support in everything you do.

ADVICE: Feel safe because your professionalism is backed up. Take advantage of all that strength to keep walking towards where you want.

WARNING: You must control your nerves if you have to face a test or a job interview. Don’t let anyone tease you or abuse your trust.

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