Dream of Of Gold

MEANING: Dream of of gold means that don’t try to rush things or risk losing much more than you might gain. Speaks clearly, but not necessarily loudly. Issues that you have not yet been able to resolve continue to disturb you and fill you with anxiety. A person you loved very much will reappear in your life. Try not to create power relationships with your friends and always want to get your own way.

SOON: Dream of of gold symbolises that you’re on the right track, but you still have some important work to do. The decision is not so complicated, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can now enjoy with the family without being affected or manipulated. After all, the important thing is that you have realized how a person works. Rest is important and you should take it more seriously.

FUTURE: Dream of of gold suggests that you will spend the time to relax and think about some plans for the next week. That which you gave away selflessly, returns to you multiplied. You can now enjoy that freedom you have long desired but beware of any exaggeration. You will feel very empowered to chart your present and your future. A person in your inner circle is going to ask you for help, probably financial.

ADVICE: Seek company from your loved ones and move on. You should be prepared for improvisation.

WARNING: Analyze your behavior and see what you are doing to make things worse. Learn to live with what you need and do without superfluous expenses.

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