Dream of Netherworlds

MEANING: Dream of netherworlds shows that the cycle of trials and bad decisions ends. You have great satisfaction in your work. It will be the best way to face a test, tomorrow, that you find difficult to deal with. The day will be full and you will feel very fulfilled. You are keeping too much inside and as a result, you are feeling trapped.

SOON: Dream of netherworlds signifies that you are no longer so tense or tired and have managed not to think too much about certain matters. The important thing is that you contribute your wisdom, rising above the situation. With a little effort, both of you have solved that problem that affected your relationship. Your restless spirit makes you rethink your current sentimental situation. That’s not bad as long as you don’t suffer.

FUTURE: Dream of netherworlds signifies that an older person will give you a vote of confidence and you should not throw it away, value it. A last-minute trip may come up that will put the icing on the cake for a fantastic vacation. A good streak begins in which projects will materialize and new opportunities will arise. Soon the stress you have suffered will disappear and you will smile at life again. At home you will receive a surprise from your partner or one of your children.

ADVICE: Dare to speak, to communicate what your heart feels. Explore new ways to increase your income and not stay in your comfort zone.

WARNING: Practice the art of saying no at the right time. Do the math and don’t spend more than you can afford right now.

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