Dream of Music

MEANING: Dream of music signifies that your level of productivity will be very high and you will feel very good because time will be very much. It will be a day of great magnetism in which you could be seduced by someone. If you play a competitive sport, be careful or you could get injured. Be grateful for the positive and conciliatory attitude that is being created around you. You are dealing with some emotional issue as graceful as you can.

SOON: Dream of music shows that there are always solutions, but to find them first you have to unlock. Your lifestyle has some things worth checking and reordering. Believe it or not, small changes can be very big. It’s time to take an important step in your love relationship. You have long felt that you want to grow as a person.

FUTURE: Dream of music suggests that those who are looking for a partner will have many surprises. You will want to have fun in the company of your loved ones and welcome any plan they propose. Anyway, you will not lack good humor and you will take everything with much philosophy and calm. You have set your mind to something and you will not rest until you achieve it. You will invest even more time in perfecting some knowledge.

ADVICE: Try to listen to both of them so you don’t get a very unpleasant surprise. Get to your office with a smile, and leave the bad stuff behind.

WARNING: Don’t get so involved because it won’t do you any good mentally. Don’t take life as a struggle where every day there is a battle.

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