Dream of Muffins

MEANING: Dream of muffins symbolises that in the topic of couple you will have to make a learning that will change your perspective on love. The time of being back and forth and not taking root, without stability, is over. Take them openly, without precautions, for they will be beneficial and do you good. Leave behind that pessimism that sometimes holds you back because you are starting a better stage in the economy. No one will have power over you and you will fear nothing today.

SOON: Dream of muffins expresses that now it’s your turn to enjoy, relax and have fun with the people you love. Sometimes it is necessary to pause to continue forward. Things have more nuances than you are sometimes able to see. Perhaps you have had to make a radical change in your life or, in some way, start from scratch. There is someone who needs you and you must be prepared to listen to him.

FUTURE: Dream of muffins shows that you will see the positive side of every difficult situation. You start a period where you need to broaden your culture and learn something new. You will find refuge in the warmth of your own home, together with the people you love most. You may receive privileged information that will help you take one path or another. Conversations and relationships will be calmer and more reflective.

ADVICE: Show yourself natural, but emphasize your professional side. You must have a lot of tact to be able to solve things without hurting sensitivities.

WARNING: Just go your way and don’t get into arguments that won’t do you any good. You should gather more information and if it is a job interview, ask, not just answer.

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