Dream of Mortgage

MEANING: Dream of mortgage signifies that you will be charming and therefore drag many people with you. You will explain yourself very clearly and your arguments will convince. Within you will find the serenity you will long for today more than anything else. Some decision or nagging problem from your life has crept into your dream. Don’t take anything for granted and ask what you need to know without any fear.

SOON: Dream of mortgage signifies that life is sometimes a game of dominoes and some pieces lead to others. Your superiors are watching a professional process in which you are involved very closely. There is nothing so important as you can regain your emotional well-being. For days you have been thinking about something that happened recently with a friend. Simply, your world view is completely different from theirs.

FUTURE: Dream of mortgage suggests that your willpower will be your greatest ally now. Your parents will help you with what you need. Within the realm of love, you will have good opportunities to manifest your feelings. If you are waiting for medical results, don’t worry, they will be positive. In your workplace you will achieve admirable professional merits.

ADVICE: Draw in your mind the scenario and what you are going to say. You should take care of yourself and let yourself be entertained.

WARNING: Don’t oppose your boss, because it wouldn’t be very smart of you. Create your own soundtrack and stop listening to the background noise that makes you so irritable.

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