Dream of Minister

MEANING: Dream of minister indicates that you are entering a period where you will have to make important decisions in your work. You are feeling empowered and able to overcome your obstacles and those who stand in your way. You are lowering yourself and your standards. Someone will send you a rather disturbing message that you won’t know how to respond. In addition, you will strive to please others with invitations and gifts.

SOON: Dream of minister symbolises that perhaps the time has come to test your friendship. The best thing you can do is to calm down, relax and not get carried away by anxiety. Luck is with you when it comes to economic matters. You have come to the conclusion that you needed in an important economic issue. Taking more care of your spiritual life is a good option in these days of rest.

FUTURE: Dream of minister suggests that you will solve it soon if you follow their advice and stop bad habits. Your most supportive side comes out strongly, the one that makes you shine humanly. Now you dare with all that, you overcome it without any problem. If you can see all the positive things around you, you will feel happy and relaxed. Your partner or one of your children could help you if you ask them.

ADVICE: Take advantage of those times, they will suit you very well. Cultivate more modesty and discipline in your dealings with people.

WARNING: You must forgive everything that happened, and face the present as it has come. If you have not achieved your goal, do not think that everything has been in vain.

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I dreamed of a government minister fixing my hair and applying oil along my hairline. What does it mean?